About Us


From the decades of experience of Le Potenza companies – based in Kuwait and Italy – in the sector of restoration and sale of luxury and high-end cars, Le Mostre is born, that it is an online platform able to offer the right emphasis and respect to those vehicles that in all respects have the potential to be considered true works of art of technology, mechanics and elegance or sportiness.
Le Mostre provides a series of services to dealerships, private sellers and buyers, focused on the automotive market of the Persian Gulf area, including the whole area from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, up to the United Arab Emirates, with the ambition to extend across the globe.
Professionalism, courtesy, respect, resolve, clarity and availability are the characteristics that distinguish
Dedicated services and benefits, studied in detail to support dealers and private sellers in the sale and buyers in the protected and protected purchase of the perfect car.
A customizable and guaranteed advertising system ensures the investments made in correspondence with the desired expectations.
Try our services, exploit the potential of our technology and take a qualitative leap for the benefit of your business if you are a dealer or your expectations if you are a buyer, saving time and maximizing results.

Choose your subscription plan now or find the car of your dreams, fast and easy with Le Mostre!

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