Mercedes G-Class, or “the” off-road vehicle according to the Three-pointed Star, has gradually evolved its image in parallel with the expansion of proposals in the range, up to more recently to represent a further product range that it has few similarities: a real “high-wheeled” supercar, however with some of the markedly off-road characteristics (separate frame with side members, reduced gears, high disengagement capacity in the most demanding driving situations).
All that was needed was its adaptation to high electrification. In this case: its evolution in a “zero emission” key. And here is the result: it is Mercedes EQG, which makes a fine show of itself in absolute preview at the IAA Mobility 2021, scheduled in Munich from Tuesday 7 to Sunday 12 September.

From the point of view of style, little changes between the Mercedes G-Class and the new EQG concept. The desire to keep the immediately recognizable assets of the model almost unchanged which, although “obviously” updated since 1979, have always contributed to its personality, is confirmed by the “zero emission” prototype: the squared lines, the characteristic external door handles, the fascias and the side steps, the classic front direction indicators placed on the mudguards, the “flat” windows have in fact been retained.

The only differences: the grille, replaced by an element painted in black and equipped with a blue LED – which is supposed to serve to “hide” the on-board sensors -, the “G-shaped” luggage rack with double LED strip (white on the front, red at the rear), new 22 “wheels with aerodynamic design and, placed on the tailgate, a” box “that replaces the traditional spare wheel and here, reminding a Wallbox,” It could be used for example to store the recharge “.

“Below”, as mentioned above, Mercedes EQG maintains the chassis with side members and cross members, to which the independent front suspensions and the rigid axle rear suspension are anchored. The chassis, clearly “revised and corrected” according to the “zero emission” power supply, is however, in the engineering-base, the same as always. The changes involved the integration of the power supply batteries in the chassis and four electric motors that will equip the Mercedes EQG. The off-road capabilities, the Mercedes technicians promise, will also be unchanged: specifically, the Mercedes Concept EQG transmission has reduced gears, which can be activated via a two-speed selector.

Even the fully electric version of the G-Class, at the end of its development into a production model, will obviously face the legendary test track on the Schöckl mountain in Graz, which with its 1,445 m high and a distance of 5.6 km that with slopes of up to 60 ° it represents the “test bench” of the Mercedes G-Class. Once conquered, the future zero-emission Geländewagen can also be certified “Schöckl proved”.